Alvant looks to interiors for weight-saving gains

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Alvant are using Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite materials and components (AMCs) in interior components to address the ongoing challenge of weight reduction. 

AMCs are an advanced class of metal matrix composites in which the aluminium is reinforced with high-performance ceramics. They are stronger than steelless than half the weight, up to 50% stiffer and almost 300% stronger than carbon fibre. 

Richard Thompson, commercial director of Alvant, says, “The automotive industry faces the huge task of finding suitable, more sustainable materials that will decrease weight whilst maintaining reliability and increasing performance. 

“AMCs offer an exciting potential to OEMs that need a step change in performance to meet ever stringent market and legislative demands. Now is the time for the automotive industry to stop relying on traditional technologies and embrace change. 

He added, “This is a golden opportunity for OEMs to solve these ever-pressing weight-reduction issues by using a lighter, more sustainable material alternative both with interiors and components. Alvant can help car manufacturers move closer to their goal to reduce CO2 and increase range without exorbitant costs, and to turn it into a reality.” 

For vehicle interiors, examples currently being investigated by Alvant include seat frames, dashboard structures, inner door module panels and cross car beams.  

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