In this Issue – May 2020

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May 2020

The May 2020 issue is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

Cover Story : Lightweighting – The automotive lightweight material market is projected to grow to US$157bn by 2027 as OEMs and suppliers look to produce more sustainable vehicles. AIW looks at some of the latest in-cabin developments in this area.

Tech Insider : Ford Mustang Mach-E – When Ford elected to transform its upcoming EV SUV from a straightforward compliance vehicle to a Mustang, it made life a whole lot harder for the development team.

Air Quality : As the air quality debate continues to accelerate, emerging research and shifting consumer attitudes suggest vehicle interiors could become the next regulatory battleground.

Interview : McLaren – McLaren’s principal engineer for interior systems talks lightweighting, sustainability and the racing mindset as it releases its fastest road car yet.


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