DS Aero Sport Lounge turns travel into art

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DS Automobiles has designed the Aero Sport Lounge concept car to solve the problem of being efficient without giving up character and strong design.

Groupe PSA’s luxury brand says it has reinvented the interior to create a machine to travel in, with screens no longer at the forefront.

In front of the occupants are two wide strips creating a suspended shape. The lower strip, clad in satin cotton, displays information projected from the top strip.

The surface is brought to life with elements of navigation or finding and sharing new types of infotainment.

DS says fusing information and entertainment has done away with the constraints of touchpads.

The screens provide digital mirrors and the controls needed for configuration and comfort, with each occupant having their own screen. The elements necessary for driving are projected onto the windshield with augmented reality.

Between the seats, the central armrest acts as a guide, reading, interpreting and answering every hand gesture.

DS has partnered with Silicon Valley startup Ultraleap to preview future interactions in the cockpit. Combining Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics means the hand makes a gesture and receives a sensory answer.

Sensors detect each movement and speakers pulse a wave which feels like something solid.

Thierry Metroz, design director of DS Automobiles, said, “For this concept car, which is a prelude to our next creations, we have opted for solutions that are avant-garde and high technology in which the purely technical element is concealed for the benefit of the beauty.

“In the cockpit, we have chosen to work with unexpected materials, hand crafted with simple, pure lines, expressing a new kind of tranquility.”

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