Nissan’s innovative center display

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Nissan have bucked the trend for dashboard tablets in its Ariya Concept, instead prioritizing design and vision with a curved, two-screen, horizontal display reminiscent of a wave.  

Aesthetic considerations aside the choice of display has a functional role as Tomomichi Uekuri, senior manager of HMI engineering team, explains, “The human eye naturally looks from side to side when drivingPeople can see and absorb more information if it’s laid out horizontally. Peripheral vision works this way as well.” 

In addition to conveying information better for the human eye, the layout does so from a safer location — in the line of sight, closer to the road. 

The Nissan Ariya Concept’s display keeps driving information in an instrument cluster location more akin to that of a traditional car, while displaying entertainment information, comfort controls and system status in the center screen.  

Information can be swiped between the two screens enabling important information, such as directions, to appear in front of the steering wheel. 

“The display’s wave construction is innovative and utilizes an ergonomic layout for both the meter display and the center display, not only for visibility, but also allows the driver to easily reach the center display touch screen,” says Uekuri. 

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