Smart cockpit and Alibaba apps for Xpeng sports sedan

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The Xpeng Motors P7 sports sedan will go on sale in China in Q2 2020 with an advanced smart  cockpit. At Auto Guangzhou 2019, the Chinese OEM announced that the P7 EV, which it claims will have 650km+ of NEDC driving range, will be available in five versions. It has already received more than 15,000 pre-orders for the car, with a pre-sale price range of US$38,000-US$52,000.

Visitors to the Guangzhou show got a first glimpse of the P7’s smart cockpit, which boasts a lightweight, full-width instrument panel and luxurious upholstery and detailing.

The cabin contains 47 sensing devices and nearly 50 human-car interaction devices, backed by more than 30 teraflops of computing power. It is equipped with an 18-speaker Dynaudio Confidence sound system with ambient lighting to create a mobile concert-hall immersive atmosphere that’s completely responsive to the user’s preferences, according to Xpeng.

Meanwhile, the P7’s Xmart OS is designed to respond intuitively to users’ commands and preferences. Alongside OTA upgrades, the Xmart OS supports Xpeng’s app store. As part of the company’s smart mobility ecosystem build-out, the P7 will be the first production car to carry the Alibaba In-car Mini App program, and its Bluetooth virtual key (NFC digital key) will be first embedded in Xiaomi devices such as cellphones, smartwatches and bracelets.

“At a keenly competitive price, with one the most advanced feature sets on the market, the P7 is a breakout vehicle for the Chinese market,” said He Xiaopeng, chairman and CEO of Xpeng Motors. “The high quality of the P7’s interior, and its combination of luxurious detailing with cutting-edge advanced interactive technologies, demonstrates our dedication to refining and improving the entire driving experience.”

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