Sustainably sourced materials for Volvo EX90 all-electric SUV

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Having drawn on what it calls the ‘essential qualities of Scandinavian design’, OEM Volvo is bringing ‘simplicity, well-being and natural sources’ to the interior of its upcoming Volvo EX90 all-electric SUV.

The OEM selected the interior materials to match its sustainability ambitions of becoming a fully circular and climate-neutral company by 2040. As such, one of the materials on offer is Nordico, produced from textiles made from recycled PET bottles and bio-attributed material from responsibly managed forests in Sweden and Finland. The wood paneling in the EX90’s interior is also made from FSC-certified wood.

The Volvo EX90 can also be selected from factory with a wool blend seat finish, a fabric that has been certified to strict sustainability standards related to animal welfare, environmental and social issues. The carpets also increase material circularity and consist partly of regenerated polyamide.

Around 50kg of recycled plastics and bio-based materials have been used elsewhere in various componentry.

When optioning the EX90, customers can choose from what Volvo refers to as seven different ‘rooms’ to personalize the interior atmosphere and appearance with different upholsteries to match the exterior color of the vehicle.

“We’ve chosen materials based on our values,” said Cecilia Stark, senior design manager at Volvo Cars. “These choices leave behind old-fashioned automotive luxury and express our Scandinavian foundations. With the Volvo EX90 we take customer well-being as a design starting point.

“The interior design and composition of the Volvo EX90 continue decades of iteration and innovation. We see interior composition as a learning process that will continue over time based on your feedback, in-house innovation and new responsible sourcing opportunities.”

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