AV controller and vehicle disinfecting system revealed by GHSP

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Michigan-based GHSP’s 2020 product line-up includes an interior control system for Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous vehicles and the debut of the company’s grēnlite brand of UV-C products to reduce harmful pathogens in emergency vehicles, rideshares and a wide variety of other home and automotive environments.

The GHSP multifunction controller is said to be the first of its kind for Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous vehicles. One dial, supported by touchscreen display, consolidates console controls into a single “ergonomic and easy-to-use control”.

The rotary multifunction control will operate in both autonomous and manual driving modes. During autonomous driving, the dial controls multiple functions on the touchscreen, such as HVAC, navigation and audio. In manual driving mode, the dial is pulled up by hand to reveal a joystick that provides manual vehicle operation for emergency situations.

GHSP’s other automotive newcomer is grēnlite, a line of “programmable, intelligent, and safe” UV-C products that utilizes “industry-leading” UV Angel technology to monitor and treat the surfaces and air in vehicles for harmful pathogens.

The products have a variety of health, safety and connectivity applications, the company says, including the emergency, commercial, mass-transit, and shared mobility spaces.

In the past decade, GHSP claims to have evolved from a traditional mechanical auto parts supplier to an innovator in smart automotive and home appliance control systems. That growth has fueled a series of recent moves, from a new executive leadership team, via further expansion in international markets, to the announcement of a new, 140,000ft2 headquarters in Holland, Michigan, that will open in Q1 2020.

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