BMW announces concept car with 100% recyclable interior

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BMW has shown off the i Vision Circular at IAA in Munich. The company claims the concept vehicle has sustainability at the heart of its design process and that the compact EV looks ahead to 2040, when it would be made of 100% recycled materials that can also be recycled at the end of the vehicle’s lifecycle.

Measuring 4m in length, the BMW i Vision Circular features four seats and expansive interior space, thanks to the wheels being pushed out to the vehicle’s extremities. Inside, BMW suggests it would implement a range of environmentally friendly methods throughout the design, development and manufacturing processes, including omitting the use of chrome and leather.

The German manufacturer states it will use smart joining methods for interior materials, to ensure all components can be dismantled with ease at end-of-life. To make this as straightforward as possible, the OEM will focus on using recycled materials that are no longer bonded or are made of composite material, increasing the likelihood that the component or material can make its way back into the BMW production cycle.

In addition, BMW hopes the use of these detachable connections will enable users of the vehicle to replace individual materials or parts to keep the vehicle up to date. Similarly, an entirely digital cockpit will allow over-the-air (OTA) updates to keep systems current.

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