Continental’s Curved Display with Invisible Control Panel

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One of the latest automotive inter solutions from Continental is the Curved Ultrawide Display which curves across the entire cabin from one A-pillar to the other. Measuring 1.29m wide, the TFT display is lit up by over 3,000 LEDs on a 7,680 x 660-pixel active area.

Featuring a matrix backlight, the smart display is capable of delivering high-contrast picture quality and is able to dim individual areas of the screen which are not required thanks to local dimming technology, which saves power and enhances readability.

The pillar-to-pillar display is multi-functional, acting as a display for the driver, the central area of the cabin and for the passenger. As a result, the seamless screen surface provides OEMs a high degree of flexibility when designing a futuristic, premium cockpit.

Designed to integrate into the front of a vehicle, Continental’s operating concept is based on an invisible display which then becomes visible on demand. Volume production of the Curved Ultrawide Display is expected to begin in 2025.

“The Curved Ultrawide Display creates a driving experience that users can fully immerse themselves in,” said Philipp von Hirschheydt, head of the user experience business area, Continental. “The high intensity and quality radiate throughout the vehicle, transforming the car into a living room on wheels.

“With the extravagant screen shape, we are fulfilling the needs of our customers who place great value on a high-quality visual experience. Screens that combine emotion and safety are becoming an important purchasing decision. With the Curved Ultrawide Display, we are further expanding our pioneering role as a technology leader in this dynamic market characterized by rapid technological change.”

Interaction with the curved display is supported by an integrated control display which appears only when required, preventing the driver from becoming distracted. The panel can be also used by occupants to control areas that are out of reach. Furthermore, with haptic feedback technology, the panel can be used to operate the pillar-to-pillar display without the driver’s focus being pulled away from the road. With a semi-transparent surface, the invisible display can be integrated seamlessly with a range of interior designs.

When unused, the screen turns into a decorative surface to appear invisible. A special matrix backlight is also used, enabling content to be displayed in the required brightness and with the highest possible contrast in any lighting situation, without a visible background.

“The combination of our In2visible Technology with the Curved Ultrawide Display is unique because it solves the problem of how to keep the growing screens in the cockpit operable,” said Kai Hohmann, product manager of display solutions, Continental. “Pillar-to-pillar displays in particular present a challenge of finding operating solutions that allow the driver and front passenger to reach the entire screen. The seamlessly integrated control panel, within the driver’s reach, solves this problem in the most elegant manner while also granting the request of many drivers to operate the display via touch control.”

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