Mercedes replaces mirror with camera

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Mercedes-Benz Trucks is replacing rear-view mirrors with the MirrorCam camera, offering better vision and fuel economy.

The MirrorCam offers the driver an unobstructed view of where the rear-view and wide-angle mirrors previously covered large areas around the A-pillar, increasing visibility when maneuvering or making tight bends.

It swivels the camera image mounted inside of the bend, so unlike conventional mirrors, the driver will not lose sight of the end of the semi-trailer.

The cameras are positioned high up on the vehicle with the small roof above the camera lens, a special coating and the digital transmission stopping mist and dirt affecting the system.

Distance indicator lines on the display help drivers estimate distances behind the truck, with three fixed lines enabling them to adjust to the end of the vehicle before starting a journey.

Mercedes says the system has advantages in difficult light conditions, displaying an image that is much brighter than natural light.

Display brightness can be adjusted via the right-hand touchscreen display or the multifunction steering wheel.

The MirrorCam has optimized aerodynamics, reducing wind resistance to cut fuel consumption by 1.5% compared with conventional mirrors.

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