Tata collaborates with BreezoMeter with in-cabin safety goal

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Three Tata businesses, Tata Motors, the Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) and Tata Elxsi, have joined forces with air quality data specialist BreezoMeter to provide in-cabin pollution management. The move will further enhance the goal of all organisations to help strengthen the future of in-cabin safety and management.

The goal will be to allow drivers to see real-time information about air quality in their vicinity on their car dashboards, enabling them to make better health decisions based on the air pollution levels and individual sensitivities. Alerts will make the driver aware when they enter an area with poor air quality.

BreezoMeter is the first location-specific, real-time global air pollution, pollen and active fires data provider, and provides an air quality map that highlights the best, and worst, parts of any city, helping drivers plan the most non-polluted route to keep them and their families protected. It can also be used to automatically activate the windows, sunroof, A/C and filtration systems to keep the vehicle clear of pollutants. BreezoMeter is accurate to 5m, is updated hourly, has global coverage and provides a four-day forecast.

“In line with Tata Motors and TMETC’s objective to improve passenger safety and comfort, we are happy to collaborate with Tata Elxsi, who will help integrate BreezoMeter’s SDK that will satisfy our system requirements,” said Jon Clark, head of electrical and electronics at TMETC.

Studies reveal that average drivers spend around three years of their life on the road in a setting where both vehicle and passengers are regularly exposed to environmental hazards. A recent increase in awareness concerning personal health and car safety, during a time of heightened environmental challenges, requires smarter and safer cabins.

“This partnership with the three businesses within the Tata Group is a great opportunity for BreezoMeter to enhance the safety and comfort to an increasing number of passengers. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with the mobility giant as we move forward with a shared mission to improve in-cabin safety and management,” said Ran Korber, CEO, BreezoMeter.

The Tata Group provides tech-enabled innovative products to anticipate and provide vehicles and connected mobility solutions for global customers. It is with this mission in mind that the company joined BreezoMeter.

Tata Motors is India’s largest OEM, offering an extensive range of integrated, smart and e-mobility solutions. TMETC, meanwhile, is a subsidiary of Tata Motors, launched in 2005 as a UK-based center of excellence for automotive design and engineering.

TMETC provides research and development, principally for Tata Motors. Its team of engineering experts develops vehicle technologies to meet the needs of future generations in the world of autonomous, connected, electric and shared (ACES) mobility.

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