Dacia study shows drivers dismiss excess tech

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Romanian car manufacturer Dacia has found that more than three-quarters – 78% – of UK drivers want in-car technology that they deem as being useful in making life easier and more comfortable on the road, instead of high-end features that cause confusion and increase the cost of their new car.

The research also revealed that 76% of car users think that too much technology in a vehicle can be distracting, while 61% would rather have a more affordable car with just the technology they actually use, instead of paying for pricier extras found on more expensive models that are hardly utilized.

For drivers that have a long list of technological features on their own car, around a third think that there are too many fitted in the first place, while 69% think that in-car technology has become too complicated.

Data showed that on average, drivers only use around 40% of the technological features fitted to their vehicles, with drivers aged between 25 and 34 regularly using the largest number of features in their car. But even then, it’s less than half of the overall technology actually fitted, meaning a large amount of more advanced equipment, such as automatic parking and in-car wi-fi often goes unused by the majority of drivers in the UK.

The results confirmed that the features drivers most want their cars to be fitted with are parking sensors, sat-nav and DAB radio. It’s no surprise that as a result, the features that are actually most commonly used are DAB radio, parking sensors and Bluetooth.

Dacia says that the findings show its vehicles deliver exactly what car buyers are looking for, with its current range of vehicles providing the ideal level of technology for the UK’s drivers.

Luke Broad, brand director for Dacia UK and Ireland, said, “We believe in providing our customers with everything that is essential, all for the best value – it keeps us faithful to our DNA. Features and technology on our cars should be in line with our customers’ demands so they pay for only what they need.

“At Dacia, we get the balance right, offering the most advanced features and technology that are essential for the driver’s comfort and pleasure but maintaining the best value. This survey shows that our vehicles are perfectly aligned with our customers’ expectations, and we still offer a unique proposition that resonates with the times.”

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