Hyundai and Harman keep out unwanted noises

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Hyundai and Harman International have added Road-Noise Active Noise Control (RANC) to the Genesis GV80, combatting unwanted noise by 50%.

The system, the first one for a production vehicle, cancels out unwanted sound originating from the tires and road surfaces.

The GV80 is due to go on sale in the USA in the early summer, and is the first production car to feature the technology, which is based on Harman’s HALOsonic suite of noise management technology. It will also incorporate other technologies from Harman’s HALOsonic suite of sound management solutions.

The RANC control processor uses reference signals received from acceleration sensors placed along the suspension and chassis to predict noise transferred into the cabin and generate an anti-noise wave in real time. Compute time and signal transfer speed are optimized to analyze intruding noise and generate anti-noise within milliseconds. Error microphones constantly monitor the system performance in each seat location to ensure a more pleasant ride for occupants.

In addition to canceling out road noise, Harman’s HALOsonic suite of sound management consists of Engine Order Cancellation and Electronic Sound Synthesis to enhance engine sound inside the vehicle and create new sounds for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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