Honda Jazz adds center airbag

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Honda has added a front center airbag system to the Jazz, improving occupant safety in a side-on collision.

The airbag is fitted within the back of the driver’s seat and expands into the space between the driver and passenger.

It helps avoid direct contact and reduce the impact between a driver and passenger in the event of a side-on collision.

To ensure the airbag is accurately placed to deliver maximum protection during deployment, it uses three attachment tethers to guide it around the driver in a curve.

Engineers developed the airbag unit to fit within the upper bolster of the newly designed driver’s seat.

The front center airbag works with seatbelt pre-tensioners to reduce lateral occupant movement and the center armrest which has increased in height.

Further improvements include the i-side Airbag System installed in the rear seat pad. The airbag activates to protect rear occupants from impacts against the door and C-pillar in the event of side-on collisions.

Takeki Tanaka, large project leader for Honda, said, “We completely redesigned the latest generation Jazz from the ground up, which meant that we were able to incorporate new advanced structural technologies and the latest passive safety features to provide exceptional protection from all kinds of accidents.”

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