SEAT makes sure drivers stay awake

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Spanish auto maker SEAT is working with Eyesight Technologies to monitor driver drowsiness and distraction.

Through SEAT’s Xplora team, it will work with the Israeli firm to develop advanced technology that studies driver eye and head movement to detect if they are falling asleep or distracted.

Algorithms analyze eye openness, angle of vision, blink rate and head position of the driver, along with other visual attributes, with alerts being triggered if the driver is drowsy or distracted.

The technology can also identify the driver from previous trips and adjust the seats, mirrors, heating and other cabin features according to personal preference.

SEAT is also working with Gauzy, which is developing an active glazing technology that adapts to the weather conditions.

Drivers can darken windows to avoid being dazzled by the sun, or lighten the windows in darker conditions.

Stefan Illijevic, head of product innovation at SEAT, said, “In total, more than 90% of the road accidents in Europe are caused by human factors. The main reasons include distraction and tiredness, excessive speed and alcohol and drugs. At SEAT we are working on solutions to prevent negligence behind the steering wheel and significantly reduce road accidents.”

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