Audi focuses on space with new Q4 e-tron

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With the recent launch of its Q4 Sportback e-tron concept, Audi noted that without the need for a transmission tunnel, the vehicle offers unrestricted interior space which benefits passenger comfort, especially in regard to front and rear leg room.

Audi said it has emphasized the sense of interior space via the color scheme, which combines light, warm colors for the upper section of the cabin with contrasting dark carpet in the floor area. The headlining, the window pillars and the upper section of the door rail and dash panel are finished with white and beige microfiber textiles.

The company also said sustainability was a key consideration in the design of the decor – the floor covering is made of recycled materials, and instead of chrome-plated metal decor frames, the surfaces are covered with a high-quality multi-layer paint finish.

Audi chose to keep the driver’s (LED) dashboard relatively simple, with the display providing speed, charge level and navigation information, while a large-format, head-up display (HUD) with an augmented reality function is also deployed, a first for this class of Audi.

Above the Q4’s center console, Audi has positioned a 12.3in touchscreen tilted toward the driver which provides access to the infotainment and vehicle functions. A strip of buttons for controlling the air conditioning is located below it, while frequently used functions can also be selected via control panels designed as touch elements on the steering wheel spokes.

Audi said that, as the center console does not need to hold functional elements such as a gear lever or hand brake actuation elements, it is repurposed as a storage compartment that includes a cellphone charging cradle.

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