Cabin innovation for TORQ semi-truck

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An advanced cabin design is at the heart of the new Neuron EV TORQ, an electric semi-truck that is said to set new standards in clean-energy vehicles.

Neuron has built TORQ, which has an integrated sleeper cabin, to eliminate tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions and pioneer the development of a cleaner future for the commercial mobility industry.

The driver receives a 360° position view on a screen from wireless cameras. This revolutionary feature, Neuron says, ensures that the driver is aware of the vehicle’s position and surroundings from all angles, at all times. Meanwhile the central driver’s seat provides “balanced visibility, optimized handling and an engaging driving experience”.

The truck’s intuitive vehicle interface application provides full operational control and works on any personal device, which can be plugged into the interior architecture and replaces all physical componentry. Neuron claims that this clutter-free and open system is compatible with the latest gadgets, internet solutions and transportation management networks. The cabin is also built with compatibility for future autonomous operation.

Meanwhile the rear sleeping area features cinematic entertainment with a surround-sound system, abundant storage space, internet connectivity and a plush bed.

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