Lamborghini Huracán to feature what3words navigation

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The Lamborghini Huracán range is to feature the what3words navigation system, fully enabled by Amazon’s Alexa, from the middle of 2022.

The navigation system will enable drivers of the vehicle to navigate exactly to their desired location using a unique combination of three words. As the automotive sector shifts to using voice control to interact with vehicles, the partnership claims to combine the best user experience with innovative technology.

“The future of mobility demands the most advanced technology, and that is why today Lamborghini is announcing the rollout of what3words. Our drivers can experience the most seamless way to navigate by voice,” commented Luca Giardino, head of connectivity, Lamborghini.

What3words location technology works by dividing the entire world into 57 trillion 10ft squares, each identified with a unique combination of three words.

Drivers can then enter the three words of the chosen location to navigate to the exact 3m square. The navigation system has also been developed to work entirely offline.

“Traditional addresses aren’t suitable for voice input, and a lot of the time, the best spots don’t have an address at all,” explained Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder, what3words. “Together, what3words and Alexa offer the perfect solution for navigation, and with that a top of the range experience. Lamborghini drivers can now explore off the beaten track, or find a VIP entrance to an exclusive venue with just three words.”

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