UltraSense Systems launches TouchPoint SmartSurface HMI controllers

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A portfolio of TouchPoint HMI Controllers has been unveiled by UltraSense Systems aimed at OEMs that seek to provide Smart Surface Human-Centered Machine Interface experiences within their respective vehicle models.

As conventional mechanical buttons are phased out, more digital solid-state smart surfaces are being found within modern day vehicles on a range of components. The TouchPoint HMI controllers from UltraSense benefit from highly accurate multi-mode sensing when touched in addition to realizing when an area is touched accidently. Furthermore, the smart solution is capable of processing at the touchpoint with zero latency to provide feedback controls for illumination, audio and haptics.

TouchPoint Sensor Fusion features an open architecture with secure connectivity to ensure connectivity with other sensors. The UltraStudio UX design software also enables the customization of a complete integrated user experience.

UltraSense currently has three TouchPoint HMI controllers on the market, consisting of the CapForce which features traditional capacitive touch technology, combined with force sensing, to enable the solution to detect touch even through thick gloves. The company’s UltraForce technology uses ultrasound to detect touch through conductive surfaces such as metals and thick materials with force sensing. The company’s final solution on offer is TapForce, a force-only HMI controller solution with processing, ML algorithms and feedback control of lighting and haptics.

All of UltraSense’s controllers are available as silicon, subsystem modules, or as ready-to-roll Solid State Interface products.

“TouchPoint HMI controllers are the most capable and feature rich of any industry touch solution, that breaks new ground in enabling auto makers to rapidly develop smart surfaces from no-calibration Plug-and-Play Solid State Interface products; HMI modules that easily attach to the underside of decorative surfaces; and HMI controller silicon that can support touch under virtually any surface you can imagine,” said Mo Maghsoudnia, founder and CEO, UltraSense Systems. “These controllers support the broadest choice of materials, beyond plastic and glass, including metals, wood veneers and even soft surfaces like leather and textiles.”

The company’s HMI controllers have been qualified to the AEC Q100 Grade 2 specifications of -40°C to 105°C temperature range. Additionally, UltraSense Systems manufacturing partners are IATF16949-, ISO 9001- and ISO 14000-certified production facilities.

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