Honda adds soft and hard Civic Type Rs

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Honda has expanded the Civic Type R range with two new models and made the interior more user-friendly.

The range has been upgraded with the Limited Edition, the most extreme version with lightweight components, and a softer Sport Line.

Just 100 Limited Edition models will be built for Europe, and the interior has red bucket seats and a red Alcantara steering wheel. Each model has a plaque marking the build number of the car, which comes in the exclusive new color of Sunlight Yellow.

The track-focused Type R Limited Edition does without the infotainment and air-conditioning systems to save weight, has reduced sound deadening materials in the roof, rear hatch panel, front bumper and dashboard.

The Sport Line has been designed for customers wanting a more subtle performance car with higher levels of comfort. Black bucket seats with red stitching are complemented by a tear drop style gear knob and Alcantara steering wheel. The Type R Sport Line retains the 7in infotainment system incorporating DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

A performance datalogger known as Honda LogR will make its debut on the 2020 Civic Type R, combining data from the onboard computer and sensors with a smartphone app to help drivers monitor and record a variety of performance parameters.

Honda LogR features a Performance Monitor, a Log Mode and Auto Score Mode, with all interaction taking place through the Display Audio screen while driving.

Performance Monitor allows drivers to see key vehicle functions in real time including temperatures and pressures.

Log Mode helps drivers improve lap times, encouraging smooth, controlled driving through the use of a color-coded trace of each lap. 

Auto Score operates whenever the app is in use, monitoring behavior over time by tracking inputs for acceleration, deceleration, turning and straight-line driving.

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