Škoda provides new infotainment functionality

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Škoda has unveiled the latest generation of infotainment system that will be available on its Octavia models. Central to the new system is a free-standing 10in display screen – which it says is the largest ever in a Škoda.

Following the functionality available with current mobile devices, Škoda said that the system enables a driver to customise, split and assign the most important functions to the home screen. Individual elements can be moved and rearranged by touch, in the same way you can on a smartphone. A swipe gesture or short voice command is sufficient to switch between individual windows or radio stations.

To adjust the volume, either the control buttons on the steering wheel or the new innovative touch slider can be used directly. This is positioned in front of the lower edge of the central display in such a way that it can be found immediately in the dark or without looking.

One finger is used to adjust the volume, and two fingers are used to change the size of the navigation map in the navigation menu. Škoda said that a combination of the touch slider, as well as buttons and rotary controls on the multifunction steering wheel and the intelligent Škoda digital assistant Laura, should help ensure drivers rarely need to take their eyes off the road to operate functions.

Further contributing to this aim is the first head-up display to be fitted in a Škoda. It projects data such as speed, navigation instructions, recognized traffic signs or activated driver assistance systems onto the windshield directly in the driver’s field of vision, allowing them to concentrate on the road ahead.

The system stores in the cloud all information for the infotainment-system and other systems, such as air-conditioning presets and seat preferences, as soon as a driver’s Škoda Connect account is activated in the vehicle.

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