No complexity spared for Bentley Flying Spur interior

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Bentley has unveiled the interior of the new Flying Spur, its most complex interior featuring 350 unique leather pieces and over 3km of thread.

The leather pieces are adorned to 60 bespoke components using the length of thread, each passing through the hands of 141 Bentley craftspeople.

Five months of training under Bentley’s master trainers is required to be competent and to learn the vast array of techniques required to craft interiors to the highest standards.

All leather hides are sustainably sourced from Northern European bulls as by-products of the meat industry.

Bentley customers can choose from 14 interior leather hides, complemented by a selection of 23 different colors of contrast thread.

The steering wheel is home to some of the most elaborate hand-stitching and leatherwork, with 5m of thread passing through 352 sew holes in order to achieve 168 distinctive cross stitches.

A single steering wheel is stitched in 3.5 hours by a skilled Bentley craftsperson, using a bespoke pair of needles and a motion too complicated to be replicated by machine.

The four seats in the Flying Spur require a total of 12 hours to assemble by hand, with the optional embroidered Bentley wings comprising 5,103 stitches.


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