BMW’s ZeroG Lounger seat debuts at CES

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The new ZeroG Lounger seat will offer the first fully personalized recline and relax experience in a BMW model when it goes into series production in the next few years. The design made its debut this week in modified X7 SUVs at CES 2020.

BMW says that the luxurious seat can be tilted back by 40° or 60° into a comfortable reclined position. The seat belt forms an integral part of the seat and adjusts to suit the reclined position, ensuring maximum safety even while on the move.

The BMW X7 ZeroG Lounger already meets all the requisite safety standards, according to its maker, thanks to new and innovative safety features. Besides the integration of the belt into the seat, this also includes a cocoon airbag providing wraparound protection for the occupant in the event of an accident and efficient dissipation of impact energy via the seat rail.

Made from “top-quality materials”, the ZeroG Lounger responds to the passenger’s needs while on the road. When the seat is in the reclined position, for instance, the passenger can enjoy the in-car entertainment program on a screen built into the headliner. They can also opt to have directional information shown on the screen during a journey, complete with animated graphics when making a turn. As well as aiding spatial orientation, this can reduce motion sickness by a factor of four, BMW claims.

Passengers needn’t worry about dwindling smartphone battery life either: their device can be placed in a holder with an inductive charging facility. The holder’s design enables the smartphone’s display to be viewed clearly in any of the ZeroG Lounger’s various sitting or reclining positions.

Elsewhere in the CES booth, BMW showed the i Interaction EASE concept car, whose artificial intelligence (AI) is said to be capable of following and interpreting the driver’s gaze. The interior design-focused concept offers a glimpse into a future where autonomous travel has long since become part of everyday life, BMW says.

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