Multimac sees rise in seat orders for electric vehicles

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Child car seat manufacturer Multimac has announced that over the past year the company has experienced a rise in demand for seat orders for electric vehicles, as the EV market continues to grow.

Based in Birmingham, UK, the company produces a car-seat system that can safely accommodate three or four children in the back seat of most cars, eliminating the need for customers to buy larger cars or a people carriers. The seats come in seven different sizes to accommodate children up to 12 years old and have been fitted to a range of Nissan Leafs, Porsche Taycans, and a multitude of Teslas.

The Multimac seat is built around an aluminum structure to absorb maximum energy and to provide children with what the manufacturer claims to be the best possible performance and protection in the event of a crash.

“The topic of climate change has been bubbling away in the background for decades, but it seems as though we are finally entering that phase where the majority of people do want to make serious changes to their daily lives in order to help reduce their impact on the environment,” commented Kevin Macliver, founder and CEO, Multimac.

“And as a result, a lot more of our customers are now having Multimacs fitted into electric cars. Perhaps it’s the improved performance and relative affordability of electric vehicles or maybe it’s the result of a nation with more time on its hands to reflect during the pandemic. Either way, it looks like electric cars have finally claimed a place on our driveways.”

“Ultimately, we want our customers to be able to continue to drive the car that they want. That was always my premise, ‘keep the car you’ve got…even with three or four children in the back’.” 

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