Silentium develops tech that creates ‘Sound Bubble’ around vehicle occupants

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A revolutionary new tech being developed by engineers at Israeli firm Silentium is designed to boost passenger well-being and maintain personal space in vehicles. In essence, it does so by enabling occupants to use and listen to personal devices – such as music from a smartphone or media on an iPad – without intrusion from other sounds or unwanted noises.

Aptly named the Personal Sound Bubble, the high-tech solution effectively functions as an alternative to headphones, invisibly wrapping itself around the head of each person in the cabin. Importantly, the ‘bubble’ it forms around each individual does not affect any of the other passengers – so everyone can listen to their own device in harmony.

It operates via Silentium’s filtering software that creates sound separation and enables sound zones to be formulated around each occupant at head height. A continuous acoustic field that emits anti-noise signals is produced, ensuring that everyone in the car hears the sound they want to hear. The tech works by leveraging an OEM’s existing infotainment and auto multimedia systems. According to Silentium, the intention of the Personal Sound Bubble is not necessarily to replace headphones; its main purpose is to improve comfort in automobiles, and occupant wellness.


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