Volkswagen’s Car2X tech praised by Euro NCAP

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Volkswagen has been praised by Euro NCAP for fitting Car2X technology to the new Golf to prevent crashes.

The traffic hazard alert was praised, receiving an Advanced Award from Euro NCAP, with German automotive association ADAC calling it a “technical milestone”. The Golf is the first car on the European market to come with Car2X as standard based on wi-fi p wireless standard. The wi-fi is tailored to local communication between vehicles and does not use the cell phone network.

Connected vehicles can exchange positioning data and information within a radius of up to 800m (2,620ft). They can make contact with traffic infrastructure within milliseconds.

In the initial development stage, the Car2X technology is active at speeds over 80km/h (50mph). In future it should be able to improve safety in city traffic. Communicating with traffic lights will improve traffic flow and protect the environment.

The technology will be rolled out across the Volkswagen range as standard, and other manufacturers are working on the topic.

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