Citroën studies causes of road rage and finds interior comfort is the answer

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Following a recent study, Citroën has revealed that 40% of UK drivers believe that interior comfort is key to avoiding road rage. Two thousand UK motorists were studied, with 62% admitting to having experienced road rage themselves, and 47% saying they had been a victim.

Fifty percent of drivers stated that being cut off on the road by other drivers was the main cause of road rage; being overtaken inappropriately (39%) and drivers failing to indicate (37%) also commonly cause anger. Of those studied, 37% stated that city and town centers were where they struggled to stay calm most often; 29% cited driving on roundabouts and 25% driving on motorways. When a road rage episode occurred, 55% of drivers beeped the horn and 51% either cursed or swore at other road users.

With all Covid-19 lockdown restrictions having been removed in England, and restrictions easing in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the next few weeks, Citroën aims to provide passengers with the Citroën Advanced Comfort program, an initiative that aims to give drivers a sense of calm on busier, post-lockdown UK roads.

Citroën states that its C3 Aircross SUV has been designed with serenity and well-being in mind and will provide drivers with higher levels of comfort to help reduce road rage. The vehicle features the OEM’s Advanced Comfort seats, which are said to provide increased comfort during longer trips thanks to a combination of a high-density sheet in the seat’s center, and thicker, structured foam. In addition, the C3 Aircross SUV has a raised driving position and a large glazed area to give the vehicle a more spacious feel.

“Aggravated drivers are often at risk of causing harm to themselves and fellow drivers on the road,” commented Eurig Druce, managing director of Citroën UK. “With 62% of drivers having admitted to experiencing road rage, it is a focus for Citroën to ensure our vehicles provide the optimum environment for driver and passenger comfort. Comfort is a key factor in helping to reduce the risk of road rage, and our team go to extra lengths to ensure that models across the Citroën range, including the new C3 Aircross SUV, deliver just that through the Citroën Advanced Comfort program.”

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