DS monitoring driver attention ahead of new laws

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The introduction of new laws passed earlier this year will make driver drowsiness and distraction warning mandatory on all new cars across the EU from 2022. In the UK for example, there have been 4,000 accidents and 150 fatalities caused by driver fatigue since 2015.

DS Automobiles says it is ahead of the safety development requirements with its DS Driver Attention Monitoring, which helps keep drivers alert and prevents them from falling asleep at the wheel. The advanced technology tracks signs of tiredness, potentially helping save around 50 lives a year on UK roads.

The system, which is already available on the DS 7 Crossback, combines a pair of infrared cameras focused on the driver with continuous vehicle position monitoring.

Driver-facing cameras, mounted above the steering wheel and at the top of the windshield, monitor three key physical signs of distraction or drowsiness: movement of the eyes, eyelids or neck. If any of these are detected, an audible alert is set off and a warning notice appears on the digital instrumentation display.

At the same time, vehicle position monitoring constantly tracks the car in relation to road markings and warns the driver with an audible alert if there are any sudden or unexpected steering movements.

The combination of these technologies enables the system to comprehensively monitor drivers for the key warning signs of distraction and drowsiness and maximizes the window in which a driver can be warned and encouraged to take steps against them.

Head of product for DS Automobiles in the UK Vince Clisham said, “Distracted and tired drivers are a serious safety threat on roads across the UK and it is the cause of thousands of accidents a year, with some ending in fatalities. This serious issue can benefit from the latest technologies available, which is why we have made our DS Driver Attention Monitoring technology available across the range on the DS 7 Crossback. Coupled with DS Night Vision and DS Active LED Vision, we believe that DS Automobiles is able to lead the way on improving safety on the roads.”

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