Corning partners with LG to expand automotive interior design possibilities

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Corning’s ColdForm technology for curved automotive interior display systems will be industrialized in a new collaboration with LG Electronics Vehicle Component Solutions. Working together, the companies expect to bring more economical and high-quality curved display modules to the automotive market.

“Interior displays are on the innovation frontline of automotive design,” said Mike Kunigonis, vice president and general manager, Corning Automotive Glass Solutions. “LG Electronics is one of the industry leaders in cutting-edge vehicle components and electronics. We are proud to collaborate on the development of curved display modules, leveraging our ColdForm Technology and supporting LG’s commercialization effort through technology transfer, advanced glass solutions, and system-level reliability testing services.”

Corning notes that the display evolution in automotive interiors mirrors that of consumer electronics with users demanding larger, curved and more immersive display designs. The patented ColdForm technology is designed to provide a cost-effective processing solution versus conventional hot-formed methods while sustaining “exceptional optical performance and durability” with AutoGrade Gorilla Glass.

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