Developing a GUI for the world’s most efficient EV

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Aptera Motors is a US-based startup looking to build a high-efficiency BEV that utilizes solar panels to boost the range of its batteries. The company aims to achieve a 1,000-mile range from a 100kWh battery pack through the use of a lightweight, composite chassis coupled with a highly efficient powertrain utilizing a pair of in-wheel motors.

With such lofty goals, efficiency in every area of the design is imperative and this includes the car’s infotainment system and HMI, which the company is developing with partners Crank, a software supplier, and display interface solution provider Andromeda Interfaces.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Crank specializes in GUI systems and is working on producing Aptera’s GUI with a focus on providing users with the key information needed to maximize vehicle performance. In this video, Chris Anthony, co-CEO of Aptera, and Brian Gallagher, co-founder of Andromeda, discuss how the Crank software has been utilized to develop the vehicle’s GUI.

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