NNG integrates what3words platform for in-car navigation

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Auto software supplier NNG has announced that the what3words platform will be integrated into iGO, its navigation engine, enabling OEMs to offer what3words as an in-car navigation option.

With street addresses and road names often being complicated to enter into a vehicle’s navigation system, users of the integrated what3words software will be able to navigate to their chosen destination by using three words, which correspond to precise global grid coordinates.

The system also removes some of the inaccuracy inherent with ZIP codes as what3words names every 3m square with a simple and unique set of three random words. NNG’s headquarters, in Budapest, Hungary, for example, is tagged richly.smallest.curated.

“This integration perfectly fits our mission of easing auto makers’ ability to differentiate their offerings by providing them with independent access to the latest innovations in navigation and mobility,” explained Heikki Laine, NNG CMO. “From locating charging spots for electric vehicles to finding a specific loading bay at a trucking depot, partnering with what3words lets us offer our customers a solution that can radically improve driver experience for these, and many other use cases.”

“Drivers want a better and more seamless navigation experience,” added Chris Sheldrick, co-founder, what3words. “Our partnership with NNG allows auto makers and mobility services to fulfill this increasing demand for simplicity from their customers.”

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