Bean Tech in-vehicle infotainment powered by Access Twine for Car chosen by Great Wall Motor Company in Europe

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Great Wall Motor Company’s (GWM) Ora and Wey models are to be outfitted with Access Europe’s Bean Tech in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) technology, powered by its Twine for Car (Twine4Car) platform, with content from Access Europe subsidiary NetRange MMH, supplier of Smart TV and OTT ecosystems. The integrated platform will debut in the OEM’s Coffee 01 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

This is the first time Bean Tech has been selected by GWM in a European application. The tie-up came about through Access Europe’s Chinese sales and business development team along with the European engineering and content teams. Access Europe will provide the necessary support to react quickly to incoming requests, with its German legal team ensuring the legitimacy of content use.

Twine4Car with NetRange offers a wide range of IVI content. According to Access Europe, one of its big benefits is that car makers can control their user-data through a branded interface. It is designed as a white-label software development kit, providing Bean Tech with full flexibility to implement its own launcher to GWM’s look-and-feel for the content service in its vehicles.

“We are delighted to kick off our partnership with Bean Tech by enabling Great Wall Motor to deliver connected content in Europe. The combination of Access Twine4Car and NetRange content solves a big problem for automotive OEMs today. Access has a unique set of experience to help OEMs navigate the global shift to in-car entertainment. We bring together the knowledge and wherewithal of providing software solutions for over 30 million cars worldwide. Through NetRange, we bring OTT know-how and content that is simply unmatched anywhere else,” said Michi Uematsu, CTOAccess Co.

Twine4Car runs on any OS, including Android, Linux and QNX-based systems, and is pre-integrated with major DRM solutions.

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