BMW 7 Series features sound technology from Bowers & Wilkins

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The Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System will be supplied as standard in the new BMW 7 Series. It is the first BMW to feature Bowers & Wilkins audio for a second consecutive generation. The technology consists of up to 18 speakers and 655W of power. Carefully considered speaker positioning ensures the best possible audio experience for all occupants. Ultra-thin, stainless steel grilles are designed to complement the interior but are also acoustically refined to deliver the best possible sound quality.

Key features of the Surround Sound system include five aluminum tweeters, four Continuum midrange speakers in the front and rear doors and two dual-balanced woofers. Aluminum tweeters provide high levels of clarity for high frequencies, thanks to their lightweight and rigid construction. New to the BMW audio system is the Continuum cone, which took eight years to develop and provides a precise and authentic reproduction of voices and instruments.

The optional Diamond Surround Sound System combines up to 36 high-performance speakers and 1,965W to deliver an in-car listening experience that is accurate and true to the original recording; 3D sound can be experienced through four speakers, integrated in the roof and additional headrest speakers. In addition, eight shakers built into the front and rear seats enable occupants to feel the bass.

The diamond high-frequency dome, which is carefully cultivated under laboratory conditions, is very light and extremely rigid, resulting in a sound that combines incredible accuracy with minimal distortion.

The latest generation 7 Series supports a new woofer configuration in both the Surround Sound and Diamond Surround Sound System. Dual-balanced woofers use two cones arranged in an opposed, balanced configuration to greatly reduce unwanted vibration and provide coloration-free bass. The Bowers & Wilkins system also works in tandem with the theatre screen in the rear.

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