Volvo air purification technology supports occupant health

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As part of its drive to support the health and safety of end users, Volvo is integrating its air purification technology – badged Advanced Air Cleaner – in its vehicles beginning with the new 60 and 90 series models. The solution, which has been certified asthma and allergy friendly by Allergy Standards Limited, has the capability to remove up to 99.9% of grass, tree and weed pollen allergens from incoming air.

Dr Maria Bernander, occupant health effects expert at Volvo Cars, said, “By helping our customers improve the air quality inside their Volvo car, we will help reduce the adverse health effects associated with air pollution, allergens and fine particulates. In addition to personal health benefits, studies have shown that cleaner air can also help boost concentration, which can help you stay more focused during the drive.”

A core component of the system is a live data feed that shows outdoor pollen and air quality levels, shown in the car’s center display, which drivers can use to assess whether to purify the air in the cabin. According to the OEM, the in-house-developed app is the first of its kind. Cars equipped with the company’s latest air-purification technology also come with a sensor that was launched in 2020, that measures PM 2.5 levels inside the cabin and enables users to compare those to outside levels.

The synthetic fiber-based filter and ionization in Volvo Cars’ Advanced Air Cleaner keeps up to 95% of all PM 2.5 particles out of the cabin. Additionally, the Advanced Air Cleaner can remove more than 97% of airborne viruses that would otherwise enter the interior via the air filter, and remove existing viral levels in the vehicle by up to 95%.

“By regularly testing and evolving the air-purification features in our cars, we can increase our competitive advantage by offering a more comfortable and healthier driving experience,” said Anders Löfvendahl, cabin air quality technical expert and function owner.

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