Shouqi protects health of passengers

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Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur has introduced ultraviolet air cleaners to act as a wellbeing shield for the health of passengers and drivers.

To help tackle the coronavirus outbreak, Shouqi implemented its ‘3+3’ multiple disinfection procedures and the use of infrared thermometers.

Cars are also being equipped with ultraviolet devices for air purification for quicker and more comprehensive sterilization.

Advise issued by health authorities in China says that coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet and heat.

Shouqi said it will install in-car intelligent LED ultraviolet disinfection lamps to kill viruses and remove bacteria.

The company said passengers are protected by a white light when they get on board and are disinfected by an ultraviolet light when the exit the vehicle.

The sensing angle is 120°, and the device is installed behind the driver. The refractive index of the ultraviolet ray is low, and sterilization takes no more than 60 seconds.

A Shouqi spokesperson said, “The use of in-car intelligent LED ultraviolet disinfection lamps will enable more rapid and effective disinfection of rear passenger space, which is an upgrade of previous disinfection methods. After each passenger exits, the driver can utilize ultraviolet devices for powerful sterilization to ensure the travel safety of every passenger.”

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