Hyundai brings premium audio to all-new i20

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Hyundai cars in Europe will for the first time feature a premium sound system from audio solution supplier Bose.

“This exciting cooperation between Bose and Hyundai delivers premium-quality in-car audio for all-new i20 customers,” said Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, vice president, marketing and product, at Hyundai Motor Europe. “We look forward to future collaboration opportunities with Bose in order to further enhance the driving experience for Hyundai customers.”

The system features eight speakers, combined with an advanced DSP. In each front door, a Bose Super65 speaker provides low-frequency sound and the company claims plays lower and louder than conventional 6.5in (165mm) speakers.

The system also features a 5.25in (130mm) neodymium woofer inside an enclosure mounted within the i20’s rear-left quarter panel. A 3.25in (80mm) neodymium mid-range speaker in the center of the instrument panel and two 5.25in (130mm) wide-range speakers – one in each rear door – along  with two 1in (25mm) neodymium tweeters, provide the rest of the systems tonal range.

The system is driven by a Bose digital amplifier with eight channels of custom equalization as well as dynamic speed compensation technology, which monitors vehicle speed and automatically adjusts music levels, providing a more consistent listening experience and reducing the need for drivers to make manual adjustments while on the road.

Meanwhile, Hyundai has also announced an upgrade to its Bluelink connected car system. Upgrades include features such as cloud-based Connected Routing navigation, whereby driving routes are calculated in the Bluelink cloud environment, rather than through the car’s infotainment system. Hyundai says that Connected Routing harnesses real-life and historical speed information through GPS, which is stored in the server and updated every month, to predict upcoming traffic at five-minute intervals.

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