Off-road, off-grid navigation for Ford

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As the all-new F-150 pickup and Bronco give drivers the option to venture far off-road, Ford and navigation specialists Telenav have taken steps to ensure their connected navigation technologies continue working when out of range of cellular networks.

Telenav is expanding its collaboration with Ford to supply hybrid navigation software and services that continue to work smoothly even when users venture out of network coverage, relying on stored map data.

Additionally, the navigation system supplied by Telenav includes specialized routing options for drivers who are towing a trailer or off-roading, both important capabilities for these vehicles.

The system guides users to routes best suited for the dimensions of their trailer to help avoid sharp turns, narrow bridges and low overpasses. Meanwhile, off-road enthusiasts can navigate to and on many 4X4 trails across North America, with additional trail maps to be added over time.

For on-road driving, the navigation solution uses real-time traffic conditions to provide the fastest routes with alerts of incidences like accidents and congestions along the route. To help minimize distractions while driving, customers can use Sync 4’s digital voice assistance for many of these features.

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