Grupo Antolin reveals solution for interior overhead systems

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Supplier of solutions for vehicle interiors Grupo Antolin has announced its new Upper Trim concept, an overhead system with what the manufacturer describes as a simple and humanized design.

Grupo Antolin’s new concept relies on a perimetral smart frame which enables greater configuration through the use of several decorative materials and finishes which include wood, stone, matte black, piano black, brushed aluminum or carbon fiber. Additionally, a closed headliner or panoramic glass roof can be optioned with the same design.

The company’s solution also features a redefined overhead console with capacitive switches, retractable sun visors, an audio system with speakers located around the perimeter for surround sound, and lastly, an information display and lights for visual comfort within the cabin.

The capacitive switches, located along the perimetral smart frame, have been placed to enable passengers to access the customizable controls from any position within a vehicle’s interior. This allows front passengers to deploy the sun visors, with the rear passengers still be able to access the overhead consoles other features.

Each occupant can also change the color of their own spotlight from warm too cold with a capacitive slider. Light intensity can also be adjusted by approaching or moving a hand away from the slider. These same lights can be used to warn or notify interior occupants of doors which are open or of vehicle battery charge levels.

For additional thermal and acoustic comfort, dimmable smart glass is available in the panoramic roof version to ensure the interior is sheltered from outside light sources.

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