Continental set to unveil Scenic View head-up display

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Technology company Continental will showcase its Scenic View head-up display (HUD) at CES 2023, with a launch planned for 2026.

Unlike conventional head-up displays, the latest smart solution from the global manufacturer reflects information for the driver onto a specially coated, black-printed area along the lower edge of the vehicle’s windshield with high light intensity. The result is an exceptionally clear image that stretches across the entire width of the windshield from pillar to pillar.

The Scenic View HUD delivers excellent visibility in all lighting conditions and combines the intuitive view of a head-up display with the crisp and clear image of traditionally used interior screens.

Additional benefits include improved levels of safety as drivers no longer need to move their eyes away from the road ahead. Furthermore, as the display is virtually superimposed onto the road within the fields of vision of all interior occupants, the Scenic View HUD can completely replace conventional instrument clusters and passenger displays. The Scenic View HUD even enables center-display content to be expanded and supplemented.

The Scenic View HUD delivers the impression of a continuous pillar-to-pillar display using three compact and cost-effective screens. This is made possible by several screens concealed beneath the dashboard and connected to one another. As a result, designers now have more room for other interior components. Depending on the vehicle and the number of screens needed, OEMs can select from two to five screens. Matrix backlighting enables screen areas to be switched on or off locally, optimizing the contrast, brightness and power consumption of the HUD.

“With the Scenic View HUD, we are setting a new trend and enabling completely new design options for vehicle designers,” said Philipp von Hirschheydt, head of the user experience business area at Continental. “We are thereby not only transforming vehicle design but also making a significant contribution to greater road safety. As the interface between vehicle and driver, displays play a crucial role in controlling the flood of incoming information to prevent the driver from becoming distracted or fatigued. The Scenic View HUD underpins Continental’s pioneering role in the development of smart, personalized screen solutions that enhance driving pleasure, comfort and safety while also representing a decisive factor in the car-buying process.”

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